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I am a New York City based photographer with a passion for innovative and captivating images.  I created SSC CREATIVE GROUP to specialize in personal branding photography and street/urban photography.  When I’m not shooting profile pictures or headshots, I’m on the streets of NYC capturing the City as I see it.  The urban landscape of New York offers up such a diverse palette that it would be impossible to run out of inspiration. 


Personal Branding Photography


Urban Photography

From LinkedIn profiles to corporate headshots, and everything in between, we all benefit when we have a truly dynamic and memorable image representing us.  I collaborate with my clients to create a finished product that they will be proud to use as part of their brand.  Specializing in great lighting, flattering angles, and creating a relaxed and fun shooting atmosphere.   Click here to visit my gallery and to book a photo session.

Street photography is the art of capturing natural, unplanned moments that show glimpses of the unscripted city.  In this case, New York City.  This portfolio includes some of my work photographing NYC urban cityscapes, candid interactions, and other sometimes frenetic, sometimes sublime, morsels from above and below the surface of the streets of New York.  Click here to visit my gallery and see more of my portfolio. 

Jerrod We Transfer-1_edited.jpg
A & T Cover-20.jpg
Evie Cover 2.jpg
flatiron-refracted light.jpg
1 train CC.jpg
K&H - rowboat-1.jpg
Night Abstract-2.jpg
J. Castro-10.jpg
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