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My Story


I started dabbling in photography when I was just a kid.  I’ve always loved a wide spectrum of art, but I especially related to photography.  I played around with our family Polaroid, taking candid pictures of family, friends, pets, the mailbox…you get the idea.  When I got a little older I starting shooting film with a Pentax.  I loved just playing around with composition and lighting, discovering new possibilities.  As my skills improved I moved up to more sophisticated DSLR’s and all the new options that they bring to the table.


After moving to New York City with my family in 2010, I started studying  photography at New York Film Academy, and was trained in all aspects of the creative photography process, from concept to final image.  I have taken what I have learned and turned it into the extremely fun, dynamic and satisfying enterprise that I call SSC Creative Group.  Now I’m lucky enough to be able to collaborate with a wide range of individuals to get their personalities to shine through in their images, ultimately enhancing their personal brand.  And when I’m not shooting with clients, I get to take to the streets on NYC in search of the unexpected and the chance to capture it through my lens.  Each day brings new possibilities and endless inspiration.

Please enjoy my site and feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, rambling thoughts, etc.  I hope you have an exceedingly  good day!


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